Wein "Die Freundschaft" vom Weingut Jauk im Hotel Berghof

In vino salvatio – In wine, salvation

The small Styrian vineyards offer an astonishing variety. Our aim is to discover and collect the most precious of these rare wines for our friends and guests. We keep close friendly contact with the best winegrowers, so, time and again, we can load our cellar with their finest, rarest wines.

Good wine is like a friendship, those ripened the longest are the most harmonious. In co-operation with Christian Jauk (a local vintner), we produce a series of wines called Die Freundschaft – friendship – which we enjoy at Hotel Berghof.

Wine winter 2017/2018

Our wine growers

Winery Familie Autrieth http://www.weingut-autrieth.at/
Winery Böheim http://gut-boeheim.at/
Winery Braunstein http://www.braunstein.at/
Winery Casale Del Giglio http://www.casaledelgiglio.it/
Winery Domäne Wachau http://www.domaene-wachau.at/
Winery Ehn http://www.ehnwein.at/cms/index.php
Winery Elisabetta Foradori http://www.elisabettaforadori.com/
Cooperative cellae  Erzherzog Johann  http://www.erzherzog.com/
Winery Gartner http://www.weinbaugartner.at/weine.php
Winery Gager http://www.weingut-gager.at/
Winery Haus Marienberg – MAD http://www.weingut-mad.at/
Winery Heinrich http://www.weingut-heinrich.at/
Winery Igler https://www.weingut-igler.at/
Winery Jauk http://www.jauk-wein.at/
Winery Kerschbaum http://www.kerschbaum.at/
Winery Kirnbauer http://www.phantom.at/
Winery Maitz http://www.maitz.co.at/
Winery Morandell http://www.morandell.com/
Winery Netzl http://www.netzl.net/
Winery Pfneisl http://www.wine-pentagon.com/
Winery Polz https://www.polz.co.at/
Winery Reeh http://www.hannesreeh.at/
Winery Reischer http://www.hubertuskeller.at/
Winery Scheiblhofer http://www.scheiblhofer.at/
Winery Scheucher http://www.weingut-scheucher.at/
Organic Winery Schuster  weinbau.f.schuster@utanet.at
Winery Skoff http://skofforiginal.com/
Winery Stiegelmar http://www.stiegelmar.com/
Winery Strehn http://www.strehn.at/
Winery Szemes http://www.szemes.at/
Sparkling wine cellars  Szigeti http://www.szigeti.at/de/start
Winery Taferner http://www.tafi.at/
Winery Tement http://www.tement.at/
Winery Thaller http://www.weingut-thaller.at/
Winery Truksitz http://www.sternenweine.at/
Organic Winery Weber http://www.biowein-weber.at/
Winery Weber http://www.weingut-fam-weber.at/
Winery Weninger http://www.weninger.com/
Winery Weinrieder http://www.weinrieder.at/
Winery Winkler – Hermaden http://www.winkler-hermaden.at/

Wine brotherhood and sisterhood

Hoch vom Dachstein an, wo der Aar noch haust bis ins Rebenland (from the Dachstein, where the eagle lives, to the vine land) is the first line of the Styrian anthem.

The Styrian anthem serves as name and motto for the Hoch Dachstein wine brother- and sisterhood, founded in February 2002. In our association with Hotel Berghof we

  • Cultivate and promote wine culture
  • Increase the knowledge of wine
  • Advocate for wine honesty
  • Stay in touch with other wine brotherhoods

Joining the wine brotherhood and sisterhood. An application for admission, supported by a warrantor, is considered by the brother or sister council. At the acceptance ceremony, the new member vows to support wine culture to their best ability and introduce the art of enjoying wine; he or she takes a symbolic sip from our cup, signs the brother or sisterhood book, then gets a brotherhood or sisterhood pin.