Five saunas

Finnische Sauna im Hotel Berghof

sanus per aquam – spa – is Latin for ‘healthy thanks to water’. Sink into the refreshing water of the indoor pool at a pleasant 29°C. It is open from 7 am to 8 pm, and, in summer, you can head for the revitalising swimming pond, or a Biotop and leisure lake. About as cool and circulation-enhancing as the charming Ramsaubach mountain river is our Kneipp water-treading pool next to the hotel.

We highly recommend kneipping after a session in one of our saunas: a 42°C infrared sauna, a 62°C organic sauna with 42% air humidity and colour-light therapy, a 42°C amethyst steam bath with 85% air humidity and aromatic scent, as well as a 90°C Finnish sauna with colour-light therapy. The highlight of our feel-good spa is the 90°C panorama sauna outdoors, offering fantastic views of the Schladming Tauern mountains. The cold shower afterwards will get your circulation going again. The spa also has a 50 m² gym, fully air-conditioned.