Water – Source of Life

Gartenanlage Hotel Berghof Ramsau am Dachstein

Sanus per aquam – Health through water

We think that water is essential for our well-being and our health, outside and in.

Grander water is a particular kind of water

The fresh Dachstein mountain spring water is refined through a fine oscillation exchange with thousand-year-old alpine water that sustained itself in its purest form in mountain enclosures. The discoverer, Johan Grander, describes himself as “finder” and not as “inventor” of the internationally recognised water.

Thanks to a special water treatment unit, our entire hotel enjoys revitalized water, from the tap water to the water in the pool. This high oscillating ‘information water’, water of particular order, is the basis for a range of beneficial treatments that have positive effects on people, animals, plants, and in nature. Johann Grander’s greatest hope is to free drinking water from negative information and to make it what it used to be: the well of life – because all life originated in water.